Download MAGIX Software with Voucher Code

Click this link to redeem your voucher code:

ACADEMIC Customers:

Please use this link instead:
Academic vouchers can only be redeemed with educational / governmental / non-profit eligibility (i. e. email domain like *.edu, *.gov). In addition customers may also be contacted subsequently, if registration details do not proof eligibility.

How to Redeem a MAGIX Software Voucher Code

1) Login or create a login here:

If you already have an account at MAGIX please go ahead with step (3), if not create a new account step (2).


2. Create new account:

You just need to fill in your personal details and email address.
Select your preferred password and continue with step (3).

3) Redeem your voucher:

Provide the voucher code you received via email and proceed, if possible please copy and paste the code to avoid typing errors.


4)  Successfully redeemed voucher code

You will receive an email from within seconds. If not, please check for spam or junk mail as well.
Your software is now available to use!

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