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How to Redeem an Activation Code for a New Product

This process is for new products or subscriptions.

If you have a code to UPGRADE,  or RENEW a Support Plan or Subscription, please follow this process:

To redeem your Activation Code for a new product or new subscription (also referred to as a Download Code or Redemption Code), simply follow the steps below.

1. Go to www.avid.com and Select Sign In / Register


2. Log into your Master Avid Account. If you don’t have an account, create one


3. Select the Avid Software Activation and Download link under the My Products section

4.Open the email with the codes. 

Your code consists of Alpha-numeric characters separated into three groups by dashes.

Enter your code into the Avid Software Activation and Download page.  Be sure you enter the code exactly as it appears (capital letters and dashes included).  Copy/paste if you received the code via email.

5. You will be asked to verify your contact information. 

Please ensure you use a valid billing address.  When finished, select “Activate Product Subscription”

6. You will be redirected to a page that shows your new product.

7. For certain products (New Dongle licenses, Standard Avid Support Renewals and Subscription Crossgrades) you may be asked to associate your new purchase to an existing System ID.

Select “Validate Your System ID”.

8. Select your System ID from the drop down list, or enter it into the field below.

If you do not know your System ID, you can either check the “My Products and Subscriptions” section of your My Avid Account, or consult How to find your System ID for information on finding your System ID. Select “Submit”

Note: If you see a message that your license is still On Hold in “CS review,” this simply means there was a records mismatch on file and Customer Care will need to manually approve the ownership of the System ID you’ve submitted.  You will be notified by e-mail once complete.  This confirmation typically takes less than one business day.  Once approved, the System ID will present itself in your account.

9. Your licenses, serial numbers and downloads will now appear in your account

Note: Education Customers may be presented with a Verification Code rather than a System ID and Activation ID. Eligibility for Education pricing must be verified through Avid’s partner Identit-e. For instructions on how to use the Verification Code to receive your software license, consult the Student, Teacher, and Institutional Identit-E Validation for Media Composer article.